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Resources for struggling learners:

Multisensory resources designed specifically for right-brained learners, including beginners, visual and kinesthetic learners, those labeled with dyslexia, autism, Aspergers, auditory processing disorder, and ADHD. Our reading resources include letters, sounds, sight words, phonics, reading fluency, comprehension, spelling and math. Just select the skills your child needs to learn by clicking on the orange buttons below the video.


  • “Your products provide not only the best way for them to receive and retain the content, but they teach me how to reach them and why they struggle!!”

    — Lisa
  • “Yes!! Thank you so much!! I call your SnapWords nothing less than a miracle. I recommend them to everyone I know, in every group I belong to!! I cannot even explain the immediate difference in word recognition. Within 1 week my daughter can go from not knowing the word, to reading it without pictures. I have all of your products now. Just started adding in the Easy For Me (set 3) Books. And just ordered the Math. I'm praying the math will be just as beneficial!!! Can't wait to try it out next week!! You are truly a blessing to those few of us with visual learners!!”

    — Heather
  • "Seriously wish I had ordered this years ago. Well worth every penny! Used it as a refresher for my 7th grader, and to help my 4th grader who was having trouble remembering facts for longer than a week. She now understands multiplication, and since division is taught at the same time she no longer cries at the thought of it!"

    — Adam
  • "The use of visuals and body motion makes this a great tool for my learners who need more than 'lecture'. I am also using it with an adult friend who is trying to get the GED. Thank you for this resource."

    — Sergio
  • “I can't say enough good things! Sight words have been a huge hurdle for my otherwise developing little reader who has word retrieval issues. We'd tried other multisensory instruction methods (on top of so, so, so much practice) but before SnapWords there were no sight words that came automatically. (This includes "a" and "I")”

    — Laura
  • “I am so grateful to have found this product. My son just started kindergarten and was bringing home his sight word flash cards as homework. He was really struggling, no matter how many times we went through them, he just couldn't get it. This was odd to me because memory work is easy for him and he easily memorizes picture books. These flash cards helped him to visualize the words and he easily remembered them. I also appreciated the quick response to my questions regarding a downloadable version. Thank you so much!”

    — Kay

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