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Easy-for-Me Reading

Make Reading Easy for the Child & Easy for the Teacher - Start Today

You'll find teaching reading simplified using Easy-for-Me Reading, a multisensory teaching resource designed for those who struggle to learn to read.

Easy-for-Me™ Reading is for: 

✔ Picture Thinkers

✔ Right-Brain Learners

 Kinesthetic Learners

 Visual Learners

 Beginners from age 4 and up

Easy-for-Me™ has also proved to effectively remediate older non-readers in cases when nothing else had worked. The reason Easy-for-Me™ works is because the multisensory learning activities in the lessons stimulate various regions in the brain and body at one time. The simple lessons are laid out completely for the parent or teacher. Just follow the steps, use the resources supplied, and watch your child soar.







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"Many students that I work with have multiple handicapping conditions including CP, Cognitive Delays and language disabilities. Your materials work well with visual and multi-sensory learning needs." 

K. Rotundo, MEd
Education Coordinator
Children's Hospital


"Today I came upon your website and I have to tell you how amazed I am by it. I have looked at countless websites whose aim is to teach reading to children and I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary. But, yours is something special. You seem to truly understand children. I am a homeschooler with two children, one with severe autism. But I know that he can learn, he only needs the 'right' method. And when I looked at your products, I was astonished. It seems almost tailor made for my son. He is no doubt, a visual learner and would absolutely benefit from your materials."

S. Moore

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