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Make reading an easy and fun activity using this multisensory teaching resource. Easy-For-Me™ Reading is specifically designed for those who struggle with reading due to a variety of factors. The activities included stimulate various regions in the brain at once, which is best suited to how Right-Brained learners receive and process information. Easy-For-Me™ Reading tools take a hands-on approach to learning that integrate visuals, movement (Kinesthetic), stories, and humor.

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 Easy-For-Me™ Reading is for:              

 Beginners - preschool and up

 Right-Brain Learners, Kinesthetic, or Visual Learners 

 Those who have not been able to learn to read another way

Easy-For-Me™ is so effective because the multisensory approach to learning engages your child on all levels, and utilizes his/her own learning style strengths and talents.  Simple lessons are laid out in detail for the parent or teacher. Just follow the steps, use the resources supplied, and watch your child soar!

A child that’s a visual learner will struggle with understanding language unless there are pictures or images involved, because they think in pictures.  What’s missing for a right-brained child is a visual representation of each word in their minds-eye.

If you could see inside your child’s mind as they learn vocabulary using SnapWords®, you would see the word superimposed over a visual image. Everything is captured together like a snapshot. SnapWords® is a comprehensive collection of sight words necessary to develop your child’s fundamental reading skills, combined with each term’s visual counterpart. This allows your child to recognize the words easily by sight.

Sight words are words that are difficult to sound out phonetically, and are therefore better understood visually. These words make up about 65 to 85 percent of any general text, which means they are essential for complete fluency and reading comprehension.

SnapWords® are unique because they are the only sight words flash cards that provide a complete image of what your child is actually seeing in his/her mind. They help to bridge the gap for a child who learns visually. Other flash cards that employ sight words either place the word and illustration side by side, or have no picture at all. And for a Right-Brained learner, a picture really is worth a thousand words!

 7 Reasons to Use SnapWords®:          

 Children stop sounding out every word

 The whole word is captured as a picture 

 Increases reading level & fluency

 Improves comprehension

 Helps active children capture words in a glance

 Body motion helps active kids learn

 Children can use their learning strengths


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"Many students that I work with have multiple handicapping conditions including CP, Cognitive Delays and language disabilities. Your materials work well with visual and multi-sensory learning needs." 

K. Rotundo, MEd
Education Coordinator
Children's Hospital

"Today I came upon your website and I have to tell you how amazed I am by it. I have looked at countless websites whose aim is to teach reading to children and I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary. But, yours is something special. You seem to truly understand children. I am a homeschooler with two children, one with severe autism. But I know that he can learn, he only needs the 'right' method. And when I looked at your products, I was astonished. It seems almost tailor made for my son. He is no doubt, a visual learner and would absolutely benefit from your materials."

S. Moore








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