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Not Just Your Basic Sight Word Flash Cards!

SnapWords® sight words are flash cards with sight words in pictures. On the back is the plain word, a body motion, and a sentence to help the child with comprehension.


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7 Reasons to Use SnapWords®:

 Children stop sounding out every word

 The whole word is captured as a picture 

 That picture makes them remember the word 

 Increases reading level & fluency

 Improves comprehension

 Helps active children capture words in a glance

 Body motion helps active kids learn 










"My 5 year old daughter has motor skill delays, visual processing issues and was diagnosed with ADHD all during her kindergarten year. She struggled to learn everything and most of it didn't stick. Her teacher met with me at the end of the third grading period and said based on her most recent evaluation, it would probably be best to retain her. While reading and researching any way I could to help her I came across your website. I worked with my daughter constantly over spring break using SNAPWORDS. By the end of spring break, she not only knew the 25 words she was required to know for kindergarten, but an additional 35!!!! I then purchased your addition and subtraction workbook to see how much I could improve her math skills. Again, wonderful progress. Her teacher just completed 4th quarter midterm testing. She called me personally to tell me that my daughter has made such amazing progress, she feel confident passing her and allowing her to move forward to first grade!! I couldn't be more satisfied with your product and I'm telling everyone about it; family, friends, her occupational therapist, teacher, other parents, groups on Facebook...EVERYONE. I can't thank you enough!

Thank you,
Danielle, Madelynn's mom"


"I love your SnapWords flash cards! My son who is a struggling learner is finally retaining and applying words learned by using these sight word flash cards. I've also seen GREAT success with my kindergarten students." Laurie. 

"Your SnapWords® flash cards have changed my daughter's life. She could not read anything before we started with them, now she can recognize and spell most of List A on her own and is working through List B now. Thank you!!!!"  Jessica 

“I ordered all of the SnapWords® flash cards and it's as if a light bulb has been turned on in my daughter’s head! Usually I just have to show her the side with the picture only once and she has it! It's as if her mind takes a snapshot of the picture!” Cindy




A follow-up with Ezzie. He is 29 months and learned his SnapWords® a few weeks ago. Grandma reported today that she gave him the cards and while she was busy he began to read them over for himself. He remembered all of them!



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